Monday, August 5, 2013

Migrants back in the park

Today was a gorgeous day, so I went to the park!  Yesterday I walked through with no binoculars or camera and saw 2 American redstarts, so I was hoping to find them again today.

The day started well with this pretty black and white warbler, who stayed with me for quite some time.

black-and-white warbler

This yellow warbler however was much more elusive.  I'm glad for the brief glimpse I got!
yellow warbler

While I was welcoming the warblers back this hummingbird came by!  It didn't stay long, but I was thrilled to see it.
ruby-throated hummingbird 

There are flickers again too!
northern flicker

I saw several waterthrushes, I believe at least one Louisiana and at least one northern.  But I am not great at telling them apart.
 Redstart!  I did see a male also, but no pictures.
American redstart
 While I was at the oven this hawk came by and landed briefly before zooming off.  It seems like a juvie that's learning how to hunt.
red-tailed hawk
 Kingbirds!  There were 3 or 4 of them, hiding.
eastern kingbird
 This oriole looks like it has blood on its face and beak.  I hope it's okay.
Baltimore oriole
 There were 2 Carolina wrens at the oven, one singing and one calling, hanging around each other.  I saw them first up in a tree and then later down in the brush.  What a treat!
Carolina wren
 Another waterthrush.  One at azalea pond, one along the streamlet, one at the upper lobe.  It really seemed like 2 along the streamlet, but I can't say for sure.

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