Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Lawrence's warbler!

It was a really beautiful day, so Jack and I walked around the park in the afternoon, starting at the pond and heading up around the boathouse and through the ramble.  The the park we were greeted by the great egret and this great blue heron.  Someday hopefully I will be able to take decent pictures of the egret, but right now all I get is a giant shining white blob.  Oh well, the heron makes up for it!

great blue heron
 Not much else happening at the pond, it was a crowded day in the park.  As it should have been - a gorgeous summer Saturday!  By the boathouse we ignored the crowds and found a pair of house finches and a gorgeous Baltimore oriole in a tree right over our heads.
house finch
 And swifts above them!
 On to the ramble.  I had seen a text about a Lawrence's warbler but didn't expect to find it.  I mean, finding any warbler is difficult, and finding one specific individual seemed a pipe dream.  But find it we did!
Lawrence's warbler
 This blue-winged warbler was confused, usually it gets a lot of attention.  Instead the entire group of birders was like, "Oh, it's just the blue-winged."  And we were just annoyed by all the redstarts!
blue-winged warbler
 The star of the show was definitely the Lawrence's.  We all got a good look, although it actively resisted pictures.  I really need to figure out manual focus.  I mean, look how gorgeous!
Lawrence's warbler
 After heading off this red-tailed hawk came though briefly, it's always a thrill to see them but especially in the summer.  I think of late fall/winter as hawk season, I often just wander around until I find at least one hawk, but it's rare for me to see them in the summer with all the leaves in the trees.
red-tailed hawk
 Along the streamlet there were a couple of waterthrushes, bobbing about.
northern waterthrush
 And at the upper lobe was this black-crowned night heron, so we started and ended with herons.  What a great walk!
black-crowned night heron

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