Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall Walk with AMNH

Today was the first of the fall walks with Paul, and it was great!  Well, I only managed to stay with the group for half of the walk.  Then I got distracted and wandered off, and didn't manage to get back to them.  I knew it would happen someday!  :-)

We started off heading over to the upper lobe, where there was a Carolina wren showing off for us, singing and posing.  That turned into almost a theme for the day - there were several Carolina wrens, it started to seem as if they were stalking us!

Carolina wren
It was a big treat to see this hummingbird.  It stayed put for quite a while, preening behind some leaves.  There was also a common yellow-throat but I missed it, all of my focus was on the hummingbird.

ruby-throated hummingbird

We also saw this Baltimore oriole doing its best to distract us from the warblers:

Baltimore oriole

Such as this parula, we were all straining our necks to see this little fellow way up there.

northern parula

There were several redstarts

American redstart

This catbird wanted attention, it kept posing until  finally agreed to take its picture.

A chestnut-sided warbler looks so different in the fall!
chestnut-sided warbler

Seeing the adult male redstart was a treat.
American redstart

This flicker was foraging on the ground, almost invisible in the brush.  Apparently it thought it was invisible even when it exited the brush, it took its time and didn't seem to mind me being quite closeby.
northern flicker


I love it when black and white warblers pretend to be nuthatches.
black-and-white warbler

I did manage to see a few things that (I think) the group sadly missed.  Hopefully we will all get to enjoy them next time!  At azalea pond there were more warblers flitting about.

blue-winged warbler

Magnolia warbler

And this waterthrush was bobbing around the streamlet.

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