Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Gift of the Maggie

What a gorgeous day!  Warm but crisp air, lots of sun, and a wonderful walk in the park.  Today the Bird of the Day was the lovely Maggie!  It really seemed like every time we turned around, there was another one.  Some were so vivid, it was really lovely!

magnolia warbler
I love the black-and-white warblers, they look so formal to me.  All dressed up, nice and neat.
black-and-white warbler
 Some house finches came over, trying to distract us from the warblers.
house finch
 This grosbeak came over and sat right over us, like it was surveying its domain.
rose-breasted grosbeak
 Meanwhile this downy woodpecker was hard at work!  There was sawdust flying.
downy woodpecker
 Chimney swifts are particularly difficult to photograph.  This is, believe it or not, one of my better efforts.
chimney swifts
 This phoebe demonstrated flycatcher behavior to us quite well.  They perch, fly around and perch again, right until the time you get used to where they perch, and then they find a new perch, usually not visible.
Eastern phoebe
 Brown thrasher!  These guys were hard to see, but see them we did.  I still remember the first time I saw one, it basically just came over to me for no particular reason, so I took some pictures.  I didn't realize at the time how lucky that was!
brown thrasher
 Mystery thrush that came by while we were distracted by the brown thrasher.  Sorry thrush, next time we will pay more attention to you.
mystery thrush
 These two came by way too quickly, just stopping for a few seconds over the water and then moving on.    
black-throated green warbler, blackpoll warbler
 Check out that streaky back!
blackpoll warbler 
This vireo was a joy to watch after all of those warblers.  I guess it needed a rest, it stayed perched for us for quite a while.  
red-eyed vireo

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