Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Beauties and the Beast

So, it was another AMNH walk with Paul, and another gorgeous day!  I got up the the area a little early so I thought I'd head down into the upper lobe before meeting the group.  But I didn't even get that far!  On the bridge on the park road, looking into the lake, something interesting flew into the trees to the left.  It was this juvie waxwing!  Look at that tail, like it was just dipped in bright yellow crayon wax.

cedar waxwing

It wasn't alone for long!  Look who kept it company.

black-throated green warbler, northern parula

This parula, and........
northern parula
 this black-throated green!  Oh, we were spoiled, looking down on gorgeous warblers so close to us.  They flitted about and left when it was time for us (one woman from the group joined me there) to go meet the group.
black-throated green warbler
 We met up with the group and had just barely started into the park when we saw The Beast - Paul called out that there was a hawk overhead, and then his voice got more excited, he said hawk again, and then he said, "That's a Bald Eagle!"  It was gorgeous.  Not quite a full adult, but nearly.  Soaring, circling, and generally being majestic.  It was definitely the highlight of the day for me!
bald eagle

bald eagle
 On to the normal beauties - this cutie black and white.
black-and-white warbler
 This Swainson's thrush hung out and posed for a while.
Swainson's thrush
 There was a Tenessee warbler at some point.  I think this might be him exiting the area.
mystery warbler
 This palm warbler lured us into a closed lawn, and some guy kicked us out.  He sounded really exasperated too, so I guess people must hop that fence all the time.  And the palm warbler wouldn't allow a picture of its face!
palm warbler
 Another parula taking full advantage of the light.
northern parula
 There were several redstarts, including a group of about a half dozen in and under one tree.
American redstart
 After leaving the group I saw this poor mottled guy, looking like there just wasn't enough ink in the printer to get the job done.
American robin
 Finally after seeing several common yellowthroats I managed to get the camera on one.  They are so skulky!
common yellowthroat
 Even the grosbeak came out to play.  This one looks like a young male to me.  There was definitely a patch of red although it doesn't show well in this picture.
rose-breasted grosbeak
It was a gorgeous day, made really special by that eagle!  :-)

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