Thursday, May 31, 2012

A gorgeous but not too birdy day in the park

The weather today was gorgeous, so I decided to head to the park.  First I went by the oriole's nest, still there, and looks like they've built more on.  One parent came by, took a peek, and then disappeared into the nest.  I never heard chicks, so I have no idea if there are eggs or what's happening.

Baltimore Oriole at nest

Baltimore Oriole at nest

A nice flyover by a red-tailed hawk.  Yay!

Red-tailed Hawk

This snapping turtle was holding dominion over all of the smaller turtles of the pond.
Snapping Turtle
Up to the ramble, where this green heron was at the oven.
Green Heron

They are so gorgeous!
Green Heron
The only other special sighting was all of the waxwings.  They are still everywhere!  There is something about their shape and how they sit on a branch that makes them much harder to spot than other birds, for me anyway.  I see a few in a tree, they leave, and I figure that's it.  Then 6 more leave, and I figure that's really it.  Then a few more fly out!  Repeat a few more times.  How were there a couple of dozen waxwings in that tree?!?!?!?!?
Cedar Waxwings
This black crowned night heron at the upper lobe was my special good-bye bird.  Thanks buddy!
Black-crowned Night Heron

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