Thursday, May 10, 2012

The day the camera battery died

Well, I meant for today to be fairly quick.  An hour-ish, ambling around in the ramble, then home to do laundry.

That is not how it went.  :-)  I went up to the ramble quite quickly, pausing briefly for a cormorant but not getting a picture, and almost immediately someone told me about a summer tanager singing over by 81st street, so, over I went.  I did not find that bird, but I had a great time.  I haven't been over there except for passing through quickly, and it's lovely!  This female black-throated blue thought so as well. 

Black-throated Blue Warbler (Female)
 As did this thrush.  I thought it was a Swainson's, but the thrushes still confuse me.......
Chipping sparrow!  Hello you handsome fellow!
Chipping Sparrow
 This parula defeated my autofocus in an extended battle.  Well played sir.  Until we meet again.......
Northern Parula
 There were still plenty of ovenbirds around.  And I still love them!
Around the upper lobe (quiet) and into the ramble.  I hear lots of interesting things, but can't find much.  Kind of frustrating, and kind of inspiring to get onto Larkwire this summer and actually learn some song.  Then a flash of brightness. This is just about the ideal was to see an oriole.  I don't even want to crop this picture any more.  So pretty!
Baltimore Oriole
 Headed to the start of the gill, where I saw so much a few days ago.  There are lots of common yellow-throats around, but not many will pose in the sun.  Thanks Buddy!
Common Yellowthroat
An American redstart in a rare moment of meditation.  
American Redstart

I don't know what kind of vireo this is.  Probably red-eyed, but maybe not, because other people were sort of excited about it.  I had reached my socializing limit though, and skulked off without asking them what kind they thought it was.
To the point! A prairie warbler.  Today it was much closer and lower, but moved though quite quickly.  Can't have everything!
Prairie Warbler
 Well, we did have everything with this Wilson's.  Close, eye level, hung out for quite some time.  It moved fast, of course, but stayed nearby.  It was awesome!
Wilson's Warbler
 This black and white landed right next to me, and then waited while I fixed the zoom on my camera to "not zoomed" before zipping around.  So vivid! The point was amazing today.  Plenty of warblers, with plenty of variety, and many of them at eye level and quite close.
Black-and-white Warbler
And this black-throated blue was also close and low, hopping into the sun at various times.  It was like warbler-pa-looza today at the point.  :-)
Black-throated Blue Warbler
 Okay, time to go.  This veery cheered me up on my way out.  There was nothing much at the upper lobe, it was quiet, quiet, quiet.  Until the great egret flew over, which I did get pictures of, but they are all...... meh.  And the camera started blinking its "I'm not kidding" battery warning light.  So, I guess I'm about done.
 Then at the 65th Street Transverse something caught my eye.  It was a summer tanager!  Wheeeeeeee! This guy was in a tree right over the transerse road, doing....... well, doing tanager things.  Probably getting himself some delicious inchworms and insects.  He sure was gorgeous!  I got a few pictures in before the camera just turned itself off and refused to turn back on.  I guess there's not a good way to argue with a dead battery......  :-)  What a finish to a lovely day!
Scarlet Tanager

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