Saturday, May 5, 2012

The day of no sunshine

I went to the park with the understanding that it would soon be 70 degrees and sunny.  Yippee!!!  However this is ~not~ how things went.  It was instead more like 60 degrees and cloudy...... luckily I saw some cool stuff!  It was overall not as birdy as yesterday, but I had some really nice moments.

Things were off to a good start with a black-crowned night heron on the way up, then a hawk fly-over.  Followed closely by a hawk getting a squirrel from a fairly nearby tree, and coming over to near the ladies pavilion to begin its lunch.

Red-tailed Hawk and squirrel
 Once in the ramble, it was quiet, quiet, quiet!  I saw a few nice things, a black and white at the upper lobe, this wood thrush, a yellow-rumped warbler.
Wood Thrush
 I'm standing there, minding my own business, waiting for birds to come by.  And boy did they!  The same hawk carried that same squirrel over to a tree just above me, and brought its gang of grackles and blue jays with it.  Here it is going off to find another spot for its lunch.
Red-tailed Hawk and squirrel 
 And here is part of its gang of followers / mobbers.
Grackle and Blue Jay
 A black and white looking so dainty!  I tried to listen closely to its song, it's about time for me to start learning them.  I keep meaning to get onto Larkwire but there's just not enough time to do everything.......
Black-and-white Warbler
 At the start of the gill there was some activity, including this Wilson's.
Wilson's Warbler
 An ovenbird!  I was quite happy to get another chance to photo an ovenbird after yesterday's Incident.
 Back at the start of the gill for a fresh round of birds, including this redstart.  It took a while to get a non-blurry picture - they do not enjoy stillness!
American Redstart
 This chestnut-sided was flitting about deep in this bush, mostly hiding until.......
Chestnut-sided Warbler
 ...... this Nashville warbler came over, apparently annoying the chestnut-sided who chased it away.  It's fun that I can now see behaviors that I couldn't see before.
Nashville Warbler
 Then I got distracted by this blue-headed vireo, so I don't really know the outcome of the Nashville v. chestnut-sided issue.
Blue-headed Vireo
 As I was walking away, this yellow warbler drew me right back.  But not for long, he was only passing through briefly.
Yellow Warbler
 This green heron was at azalea pond, which is full of fish bigger than it is.  I don't really quite understand its plan......
Green Heron
 On the way back to the upper lobe, I found the black-throated green where it was yesterday!  Yay!  I watched it for a while and someone nearby spotted a Blackburnian, so I helped refind it (we had to do that quite a bit).
Black-throated Green Warbler
 In between refinding the Blackburnian, this great crested flycatcher came by.
Great Crested Flycatcher
 As did this flycatcher, I think it must be the olive-sided one.  It's been reported, and although the lighting was bad there is clearly some streaking on the flanks, and no yellow.
Olive-sided Flycatcher
 Yellow-throated vireo!  Yes it is.  Yes, I know, the picture has issues, but it's the light.  :-)
Yellow-throated Vireo
 Blackburnian!  At last, posing in the white flowers.
Blackburnian Warbler
 He loved this kind of tree and kept going back.  Gorgeous!
Blackburnian Warbler

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