Saturday, June 2, 2012

AMNH Trip to the Catskills

Today was the AMNH trip to the Catskills. I lvoe getting in the bus and going to new places, usually places I didn't know existed, and learning so much.  It was a little damp and none too sunny, but that didn't seem to affect us much.  The place was gorgeous.  Just filled wit red-winged blackbirds, the males showing off for.......
Red-winged Blackbird
.....the lovely ladies!  :-)
Red-winged Blackbird, female
Most of our walk was overseen by this beautiful eagle.  If things slowed down, we could always just glance up and take another look at the eagle, who was excellent at ignoring us.
Bald Eagle
This kingbird and a few swallows (both tree and barn) occasionally flew over the marsh.  I thought I saw a spotted sandpiper flying away, but my id skills cannot be relied upon in this case.  Later some others reported seeing one, so maybe I was right!  We also saw a pair of wood ducks, mostly flying away.  We did get a brief look at them swimming in a little bit of clear water, but they soon disappeared in the vegetation.  So different than the ones at the pond in the park!
Eastern Kingbird
There were a few warblers about, including many yellow warblers like this guy.  We also saw common yellow-throat, a few redstarts, and a few others.
Yellow Warbler
Hello turtles!
Painted Turtles
A least flycatcher, which we heard calling many times.
Least Flycatcher
A great blue heron, strutting around like it owned the place.  For about 5-10 minutes, then flying off to an undisclosed location.
Great Blue Heron
A green heron was hanging out in this tree, looking smaller than is reasonable.  And also more beautiful than is reasonable, but that's quite common for green herons.
Green Heron 
Paul loves snakes.  I cannot explain it.
At the end of the walk the reserve had set up a scope viewing this bald eagle nest!  Oh, I was wishing for a better camera for sure.  Anyway, in this picture is the nest and a young bald eagle showing off its wings.
Bald Eagle Chick
Bluebirds!  That's one bird with a name that does not disappoint.
Eastern Bluebird
One of the tree swallows landed right above us on a wire.
Tree Swallow
We had lunch at a little winery/bistro, they were very kind to let us use their tables.  We saw a few more birds there, including these brown-headed cowbirds.
Brown-headed Cowbirds
On to the next stop!  We didn't have very long here, but it was just gorgeous.  Yes, I know, I've used that word already, but it's still appropriate!  A pair of pine warblers chased each other around various pine trees, entertaining us.
Pine Warbler
This black and white warbler was a treat to see.  There were others, but the light and the birds conspired against my camera.  The trip was great, and each place we visited has so much more to explore.  It would be a great place to rent a car and revisit.
Black and White Warbler

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