Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Watching the Bird Channel at the beach

My beach lounge chair was basically a front-row seat for the shorebirds.  A bunch of green herons were skulking about, like this one.

Green Heron
 The egret decided to fly its catch to a better spot 10 feet to the left before eating it.
Great Egret
 The green herons were shameless, edging closer and closer, posing for the camera.
Green Heron
 This little blue heron decided to check out the in-water gazebo.
Little Blue Heron
 This guy was extremely confusing.
Little Blue Heron, molting juvenile
 Pictures of butterflies are much more difficult than pictures of birds.  This guy was much prettier in person!
Mystery Butterfly
 A common ground dove, it's fun to see a dove to tiny.
Common Ground Dove
 This kestrel hung out for a while, watching us watching it.
American Kestrel
 A black-necked stilt showed up!
Black-necked Stilt
 A study in contrasts.  Whoever stands next to a black-necked stilt looks like an awkward doofus automatically.  They are the supermodels of birds.
Black-necked Stilt, Green Heron, and Little Blue Heron
And true to form, this one flew off when the pretty yellow butterfly photo-bombed it.
Black-necked Stilt, Green Heron, Little Blue Heron, and mystery yellow butterfly
 This little blue heron wanted a turn at being a supermodel.  Hello gorgeous!
Little Blue Heron
 Another group shot.
Great Egret and Little Blue Heron

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