Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I could get to like this place

Up and out for a walk around the grounds, not early exactly, but still morning at least. There were of course about a zillion pearly-eyed thrashers, but I took a few pictures because it's embarrassing to forget to take pictures of the common birds when I travel.  :-)  They were quite cheeky!

Pearly-eyed thrasher

A frigate preening in flight.  I never get tired of watching these guys fly!
Magnificent Frigatebird

My frist troupial!  They look like a somewhat fancier Baltimore oriole.

There were a few common ground doves milling about on the ground.
Common ground dove

A hummingbird!  I saw something small and interesting fly into a bush that was a bit hidden from where I was, and I never did find it, but this guy came over to console me.  This was a thrilling sight!
Antillean mango

This lizard posed prettily in the sunlight and green leaves.  There were several of these around the grounds, but they were quick!
Mystery Lizard

The killdeer from the other side of their field.  It's amazing how well they blend.  Looking at a picture you would think they'd stick out quite plainly in a field of green grass, but that is not the case in real life!

There were loads of these flycatchers.
Mystery Flycatcher

Back on the beach after breakfast, watching the shorebirds from the comfort of a chaise lounge.  Talk about cushy birdwatching!  :-)
Great Egret

There were several green herons, hanging out quite close to each other.  I think they might be a family, although I am not skilled enough yet to pick out the juveniles and the adults.
Green Heron

Things take a tern for the better!   Hahahaha, yes, it's definitely not a new joke, but there it is nonetheless.
Mystery Tern

The mighty hunter!
Green heron

A little blue heron showing us why it's that color.
Little blue heron

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