Thursday, June 21, 2012

We snorkeled, but there were no manatees

Snorkeling!  Yay!  We sort of had to talk them into it, but they did take us out.    I can see why they were a bit reluctant, it was a fair current and the water was churned up, so the visibility was crap.  But it was still fun!

This was the first use of my underwater camera.  It's much more difficult to take pictures underwater.  Fish are quick too, and they hardly ever perch.  Hahahaha, get it, perch?  Fish?  Perch????  Aaaah, I crack myself up.  Oh, yeah, underwater pictures.  There are waves, and there is no stability in sight!  So it's really much more of a game of luck.  For me, anyway.

A starfish on my hand!  Wheeeeeee!  :-)

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