Monday, October 3, 2011

Yellow-breasted chat at the oven

I went over to the oven this afternoon and looked around for a while and decided to leave.  At that moment, as I was turning away, something caught my eye.  A yellow-breasted chat!  So I stayed around, trying to get a clear shot of this gorgeous fellow.
Yellow-breasted chat, typical view
Somehow my camera knows when it's my first time seeing a bird, and it takes a lit of great shots out of focus. So the ones of the chat in the open, perched on a rock, worm in beak, poised to take off - yeah, those are terrible.  At least I got a clear one of the chat under a bush!  :-)
Yellow-breasted chat, lucky person view
Bonus grey-cheeked thrush, since I can now tell thrushes apart.  Mostly.

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