Tuesday, October 11, 2011

AMNH Walk with photobombs

Today was a great walk, although the first section of the walk the birds did not want pictures at all.  My camera was defeated by numerous kinglets, a northern parula, a mystery warbler, some yellow bellied sap suckers, and many brown creepers.  I finally managed to get a shot of a hermit thrush.

Okay, the contrasting tail is not hugely different than the back, but I can definitely see a difference.  Then this female towhee gave us a nice show, scampering about on the rock.

This gorgeous yellow-bellied sap sucker posed for quite some time.  He's starting to get some red on his chin.  Soon he'll be quite vivid and spiffy!

Then it was the find of the day. This white-crowned sparrow was hanging around near the castle, looking like the master of its domain.

Even when a giant happy squirrel flushed the other sparrows, it held its ground.  Props, white crowned sparrow!  Photobomb number one, giant happy squirrel.

This nashville warbler (or so Paul said, which I have to trust, because I can't tell at all) led me on a merry chase for this picture.

At last, a brown creeper my camera could focus on!  We was loads of these little fellows, but they are so well camouflaged that they actually defeat the auto-focus on my camera.  It's amazing!

This eastern phoebe sat pretty in a tree.  This is the first time I've been able to see that subtle dark stripe behind its eye.

I left the group but got called back when they immediately found a black-throated green warbler and a yellow-rumped warbler nearby.  Yay!  I was busy taking pictures of the gorgeous black-throated green warbler.....

... when the yellow-rumped warbler couldn't take it any longer and horned in on the photo session.  Photobomb number  two, envious yellow-rumped warbler.

The black-throated green left in a huff and I continued taking pictures of the yellow-rumped warbler, whispering promises of fame and glory.  A nearby mourning dove was intrigued and tried to sneak in.

It even looks slightly embarrassed but secretly hopeful!  Photobomb number three, ambitious mourning dove.  The walk was fun from beginning to end!  :-)

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