Monday, October 3, 2011


Just after starting the walk we saw this American redstart taking a bath.

And check out this American robin!  Apparently this one is partly albino.

Then up to Tanner Spring, where there were a bunch of white-throated sparrows.  They always look to me like someone put paint on the front of their face, or their beak maybe, and put them in a wind tunnel.  Wheeeeeeee!

A house wren was there too, playing hide and seek.  Mostly hide.

On the way to Turtle Pond, we went to a place that may or may not be called Sparrow Rock.  At this place we saw this house finch, what a cutie!

We also did not see a yellow-breasted chat.  We saw something briefly that convinced us to wait around a while, but no yellow-breasted chat emerged.  Oh well, that is apparently their nature......

At Turtle Pond we saw this palm warbler, and we immediately felt better.

And this common yellow-throated warbler.  Look at that gorgeous mask!  Ooooooohh, he's gonna be popular with the ladies.

There were several female gadwalls there, and one male.  He looked tired.

Along the path towards the castle was this juvenile blackpoll warbler.......

.....and this Eastern towhee.  I learned that you say it "tow-ee" like "tow a car" and not "two-ee" like "the number two."  It took me about a year to re-learn how to say vireo, so about this time next year, hopefully I'll have it.  :-)

This downy woodpecker came by to visit, it was nice to see him from this angle.

Here's one of the zillions of blue jays we saw - and heard - looking spiffy!

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