Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Waxwings! Ducklings! And a performance-oriented egret.

I didn't really expect to see much bird-wise at the park, but it was such a gorgeous day I wanted to go regardless.  It started out with a great view of waxwings by the pond.  They were eye level and right by me, flitting about in a bush right by the bridge and flirting with each other.  There was a pair passing berries back and forth to each other, it was beyond cute.  :-)

I picked this out just for you!

Waxwings just look like James Bond to me
Then up near the boathouse this egret was hanging out.  I sat by the side of the water and just waited, and it pretty much came right over.  So pretty!

It turns out their eyes are basically those glue-on googlie-eye thingies from elementary school crafts!

Over to the oven, where ducklings emerged!  Mom was quite vigilant, keeping an eye out for danger.

She got worked up a bit when a huge koi came near them, it was duck v. fish.  At least from the duck's point of view.  I'm not sure the fish noticed them at all.  It seemed oblivious, but then again, it's a fish, so it's hard for me to tell, really.......

By the upper lobe, the egret (I think it was the same one although I'm not at all certain) was showing off, giving quite a performance.


what grace........

hahahaha, this picture makes me happy!

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