Monday, May 9, 2011


Back from Costa Rica, and back to the park!  Today was Paul's lunch-time spring walk, a great way to get used to NYC birds again.  No toucans today!

While waiting for the group to assemble, I saw a robin's nest near the park entry road, and when the mommy left, a chick was there.  A group of kids on some sort of field trip asked what I was looking at, so I showed them, and they were all really excited to see it, so that was great!  It was not the best-looking chick I've ever seen.  But, still, a chick!  :-)

Once we got started Paul found a northern parula, and while I was looking for that I saw this black-throated green.  I'm so happy to see it, I only saw one last year, and I had no idea what it was.  This time, experts to confirm the ID, a good view and an okay picture - perfect!  Oh, and we briefly saw a thrush that Paul said was a Swainson's, I still can't really tell them apart but he told me what to look for.  So maybe I'll start seeing the differences.

Over to the upper lobe overlook, where we saw a pair of common yellow throated warblers.  Hello Masked One.

Around to the bridge, where we saw two black crowned night herons hanging.  This one moved from a branch down to the water.  I hope they stay around this summer.

While on the mulch path we saw a black and white and this American redstart.  They are so fast!  Then we saw a ruby crowned kinglet and another northern parula by the popular tree.

Then we saw this catbird, and Lars (who is apparently quite famous in the birding world and is visiting NYC for a couple of weeks) charmed this catbird.  It didn't ~quite~ hop onto his shoe, but nearly.  :-)

A black-throated blue, looking just plain black.  And time to move on from the upper lobe!

Heading sort of towards the feeders, we saw this lovely magnolia warbler.  I had such trouble seeing him (Hahahaha, I always think of maggies as "her" and have to watch myself) but did finally manage to get him in a shot.

This ovenbird had some sort of necklace.  Weird.

And we finally located this rose breasted grosbeak, who had been teasing us for quite some time.  

A veery!  I still can't really tell them apart.  But at least I can now see a little difference when someone points out the differences to me.

Next was a gorgeous pair of Baltimore orioles, the female did not want pictures, but the male was more willing.

Over to the oven, where we saw...... not much.  Until I noticed the group had pretty much gone, and I decided I had better follow them.  And I glanced over and saw this yellow-rumped warbler there.  Oh well, I'm sure whatever they were looking at when I caught up (I have no idea what they found) was great!

Another ovenbird, this time with no necklace.  One of the black crowned night herons was up in a tree quite near the bridge, looking for all the world like some sort of exit sentry.  Bye Buddy!

I left the group then, they went back towards the museum and I headed up towards turtle pond to hang out until meeting Melissa later.  While going up the west side of the upper lobe I saw this American redstart, again, so so fast!  It might be the same one we saw on the east side earlier.  I also briefly saw a common yellow throat and of course saw the black crowned night herons again.  I love those guys!

Up to turtle pond, where swallows were swooping.

Yes, the pictures are crappy, but the point is, they exist!  :-)

There was another yellow-rumped warbler up there, someone said they were mostly gone, but it sure seems like there are several still here.

Then I saw this bedraggled oriole, trying to get himself presentable after a bath.  There was also a yellow warbler there, but he was too shy for pictures even though I assured him that he was gorgeous.

Hanging around with him were these two, I think they are female rose-breasted grosbeaks.  I'm not 100 percent sure, but that was my impression at the time, and the picture pretty much matches.

I met Melissa and walked her through the ramble, seeing a couple of repeat birds, and then we went to Stone Rose, where I watched a pair of hawks out the window, flying near the Plaza.  That was great!

I miss Costa Rica with the big crazy birds and the honeycreepers, but it was great to be back in the park.  :-)

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