Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A quiet but pretty day

We've had so much rain, and so many dismal days, I think most of us have completely given up on spring - including the birds!  With a beautiful day at last, I thoroughly enjoyed the park.  The birds, however, did not.  Maybe they have already been through, maybe they are just hiding..... but they were not cavorting joyously, that's for sure!

There was someone home at the woodpecker nest, calling, calling, calling.

Hahahahaha, I think this is the most bedraggled black crowned night heron I've seen so far.  And he's just sitting there!  Come on now, you've clearly got some preening to do!

I did see a red-tailed hawk flying over and being chased by a red-winged blackbird.  That was exciting!  The blackbird didn't chase for too long, the hawk flew over for a while.  That was pretty.

Then I saw this guy soaring in circles a bit further west - a Cooper's hawk?  I think it probably is, they are in the park and the shape looks right to me.  Up to the ramble!

This common yellowthroat teased me for a while before posing.  There was a wood duck going arund in the brush there, and several birders looking for a mourning warbler.  I'm not in a stand-around-and-look sort of mood, so, off I go.

I did see a few Canada warblers, I love them!

And this vivid Baltimore oriole bathing at the oven.  There was a female there too, but she was too quick for me.  All in all, a happy sunny day filled with gorgeous scenery punctuated by a few lovely birds.  I'll take that over the drizzle any time!  :-)

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