Monday, May 2, 2011

Costa Rica: Hanging Bridges!

mystery lizard - four-lined ameiva?  but why the blue on the face?

great curassow!!!!  a mated pair

broad-billed motmot number one

mystery bird - rufous mourner?

baby hummingbird showing off its tongue

why?  because it can.  striped-throated hermit I think

baby wants mama to feed it again!

white-nosed coati

broad-billed motmot number two

broad-billed motmot number two - what a view we had!

tawny-capped euphonia

mystery flycatcher - bright yellow underparts

white-collared seedeater

mystery bird - dusky-faced tanager?  the cap/crown doesn't look quite right

yellow-faced grassquit pair

female green honeycreeper

red-legged honeycreeper pair.  yes, really

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