Saturday, May 28, 2011

Once around the pond

It's a nice day, Jack is not deathly ill, we're not super busy..... To the park!  :-)  We headed over to the pond and started out by the waterfall side - and it's on!  Yay!  There was a big frog, a pair of mallards, a piece of bread, and a bunch of minnows.  The ducks and minnows were all about the bread, the frog was just floating along, doing frog yoga.

Just past that little super-mini-waterfall thingie, there was a black crowned night heron posing for us on the Hallett side.  Hello Gorgeous!

And just past that guy we noticed a bunch of good-sized tadpoles and, looking way up into a tree, the second black-crowned night heron.  I hope they breed here and have chicks!

We checked the woodpecker nest but nobody was home.  At least that we could see.  And just as we turned away, we noticed cedar waxwings flying in to the tree almost next to the nest!  We watched them briefly and then they were off.  We saw them go between trees a few times, but never saw them perched again.  It looked like about a dozen or so, it was great!

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