Sunday, February 6, 2011

Slushy Time Again

Today I was going a bit stir-crazy, and decided to get out for a walk.  After picking new glasses for Jack, I headed up to the park, walking up the park road to the lake and then into the ramble.  Shush city!  Actually I was surprised how much ice there still was on the paths, I hope it melts soon.

I thought it would be great bird activity, a warmish day (43) after so many days of super-cold.  But it was surprisingly quiet!  On my way to the Thrush Spot, I saw a very large black squirrel at the very tippety-top of a bare tree.  I thought, well that's brave, any hawk nearby might want to take a swipe at such a large lunch.  Turns out some hawks would pass it up.

As this guy proved, sitting in a tree so close by, he must have seen the squirrel.  He was perched low, like he was interested in a meal, but I didn't see him move from his spot the whole time I was there.
The thrush did not come by when I was there (apparently I missed him by about 15-20 minutes) but this white breasted nuthatch did, and stayed in some pretty light for me.  I wish I could have gotten closer to get really crips pictures, but, that was not happening.

I left the thrush-hopeful crowd and headed back  home.  I did see ducks flying around several times, and there were plenty of mallards (and a few Canada geese) at that one open spot.  There were also some gulls in the middle of the lake (maybe 10), I hope the ice opens up so we get some more water activity!  I miss the different ducks.  :-)

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