Monday, February 14, 2011

Owls and a duck fight!

Today I ventured back out to see if the owls were still here.  Good news - they are!

I forgot to turn and ended up by the lake's open water, where these raccoons were snoozing quite cutely.

Back to the owls, which were much harder to photo this time.  They were a little better hidden, and the wind was crazy, so I got no good shots.  One lady was kind of ...... not kind-hearted towards me.  I guess I'll just avoid her.  But a couple were much more friendly and helped me find the owls.  They were even more friendly when I found a better angle to view and photo them from.  :-)

Well, it was a better angle but the photos are so-so at best!  At least they exist.  There were three owls there, one was only visible during high winds, it was kind of funny!

Down to the pond, where I saw my first duck fight.

There was definitely a winner and a loser.  And some hilarious chasing when the loser did not paddle away quickly enough to suit the winner.

The wood duck looked like a cartoon, he's just so ridiculously beautiful!

And here's the hybrid I've been seeing next to a mallard.  The head is half green, and the tail feathers are half as curly!  :-)

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