Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hawks around the pond!

Today Jack and I took a brief walk around the pond before he had to get to an appointment.  We entered at 6th Ave, and as we were walking towards the bridge, I spotted a hawk across the way in Hallett.

I wonder if it's the same guy I've been seeing here, I hope so, it would be great to have on established so closeby.

As we were turning to go, another hawk came over, and some chasing ensued!  I think this one is what we were calling the invader, it looks like they were both juvenile red-tailed hawks.

It was pretty exciting, they chased each other around quite a bit!  Then one of them left, heading up the east side of the park.  One of them looks like it has an issue with some tail feather!

The one who remained shortly left its perch in Hallett and flew right over our heads, trying for a squirrel by a tree near us.  It landed with a thunk, and the squirrel emerged, chattering and shaking.  Eventually the hawk came out of the brush and sat in this bush for a few minutes.

Then it was time to start again!

It landed in a tree right over the path, probably looking for another squirrel.

We started up to see if we could see the wood ducks.  Jack had to go, so I went to see the wood duck on my own.  First I saw this pair of American black ducks.

Then the wood duck, on the north of the bridge, hanging out with a mallard female.  Maybe he'll try again, and maybe this time we'll have some hybrid chicks!

On my way out, I saw this Cooper's hawk in Hallett.  Hahahaha, so there have been two red-tailed hawks and a Cooper's hawk in this little area in these few minutes!  It was a great walk.

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