Sunday, February 27, 2011

More hawks!

I spotted this guy pretty quickly at the pond, hanging out in Hallett.  I'm not going to be able to see him at all once the leaves come in!

The ducks were really quite fiesty, someone was feeding them and they were all over the place.  Here the wood duck is getting out of her way as she comes in for a landing.  He does ~not~ look happy about it!

The read-headed woodpecker hung out for a while and was happy to pose.  Thanks buddy!  He was just filling up this cavity and one other nearby with tasty morsels for later.

At the feeders, the goldfinches are looking more golden all the time!

This juvenile Cooper's hawk spent quite some time hanging out and bathing at the oven.  He was hilarious!  They do ~not~ look dignified when they bathe.  

Here he is looking somewhat bedraggled, drying off.

Nearby was a raccoon sleeping the afternoon away.

And this - I think hairy - woodpecker came by to say hello.

There were some shovelers at the open area on the lake, looking great!

And almost at my exit was this gorgeous fellow, showing off.

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