Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A funny start, with a hawk finish

Today I started at the pond, where the wood ducks were in rare form.  First one was just peacefully hanging out with a mallard on the side of the pond.

Then the other one decided that was *his* patch of dirt, and chased the mallard away.  The mallard did wander off, seeming annoyed but not really intimidated.

Then he turned on his fellow wood duck, telling him it was time to go - now!

Okay, okay, have the patch of dirt!

Then up to visit the red-headed woodpecker, who was very active.  He was really a joy to watch, although getting pictures was tough.  Just flying all over, getting snacks and storing them in the trees all around here.

Up by the lake I did see ducks courting, but they would inevitably get distracted by the tourists feeding them and abandon each other before actually mating.  It turns out ducks are quite easily distracted by food!  While I was watching this a hawk flew in and landed ......... on the riviera sort of near the oven, I think.  I could definitely see it, but it was too far away for pictures, really.

There wasn't much else to report for me - a few of the normal suspects, but really a pretty quiet day.  On my way back down I did have nice views of a hawk near the baseball diamond, but the pictures did not come out at all.

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