Friday, May 28, 2010

Robins, robins, everywhere

The park today would have been a complete delight if I had a robin fetish!  They were seriously everywhere - more robins than sparrows, grackles, and pigeons put together.

I was happy to see a couple of cardinals and a blue jay.

I did see a couple of waxwings at the stone benchlet, one of the red-bellies by the wooden bridge, and a downy (which I even saw drumming) by Evodia field.  Oh, and a lingering common yellow-throat at the upper lobe, along with one mystery warbler which may have been a female.

I just went around the lake and took the subway back home, didn't go down to the pond.  I was hoping for some water birds, but nobody was out - no herons, no egrets, no cormorants.  I did run into a very nice birder lady who said she saw a green heron at the point a couple of days ago, but we couldn't find it today.

How quickly I have become spoiled!  I remember when seeing a waxwing and 2 types of woodpecker would have been a banner day for me.  Hahahahaha, I think I might be entering my intermediate phase.  :-)

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