Thursday, May 27, 2010

The pond without binocs

So I went back to the dentist today.  It was supposed to storm this afternoon and I wasn't sure I was going to get to the park afterwards, and the new binocs are so heavy, I ended up leaving them at home.  But after the dentist it was somewhat okay, so I walked around the pond without binocs - frustrating!  I saw the night heron on the far side, and I actually glanced around to see if anyone nearby had binocs.   Hahahaha, no, and I'm lucky it was a no, because I might have been tempted to weasel my way into a look!  I also saw the wood duck and the goslings, and then went to the zoo.  The goslings are very nearly the size of a Mallard now!

After the zoo I came back around the pond to get home, and saw that the wood duck was up on the rock outcropping, so I headed over there just to check it out.  On the way was a cluster of random people with cameras, it turns out Paris Hilton was being interviewed right then and there.  She was quite shiny.  I just kept my face away from the cameras and kept on, but I would have enjoyed a better look at the wood duck.

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