Sunday, May 2, 2010

Central Park: Another look before the storms come

Today was an odd day.  I started out earlier than is usual for me, although I still didn't get to the spot above Tanner's Spring until..... about 10:15.  It was quiet, quiet up there.  I did see a little lovely of some sort, but could not get a decent look at it and was not able to identify it.  Some other birders came over and took me down to the spring, but I didn't want to be around the big camera set-ups so I came back up after a brief look.  I saw a male and female Eastern towhee rooting around, and several catbirds.

Here is my best catbird picture of the day, I saw several birds and heard them quite a few times.

Then a mystery warbler came down to the ground.  Sadly these are my best pictures.

After looking through the books and websites I think this is an immature hooded warbler.  The dusky cap makes such a sharp line, the others with dusky colored caps the line is not sharp at all.  And there's nothing on the face, a little hint of a dusky necklace, and yellow yellow everywhere!  Also this is the exact spot I saw the adult male hooded warbler a day or two ago.

Moving on.  I went by the castle but didn't see anything of note there.

On to the lake!  Saw a pair of cormorants, standing together on the shore and looking around. Lots of catbirds, now that I know they exist I am seeing them everywhere!

This is I believe a female yellow-rumped warbler that I saw by the gill.

This is a Black-burnian warbler that I saw by the gill briefly, I wish I had been able to get better pictures!  In addition to this one of its cute face peeking through, I did get one of the side (it's blurry but good enough for an ID).  He was just there for a few swoops and quick landings, then he was gone.

There was another mystery warbler, with a black face/cap and a yellow throat, and a light-ish back.  Not enough of a look (or picture) to be able to ID it.

This black-throated blue warbler hung out for a few minutes.

Then down to the pond, where I checked on the geese.  The goose was not on the "nest" on the island!  There was a pile of feathers, I looked for eggs but could not find any.

This black-crowned night heron was hanging out, hunting on the near shore and then flying over to the Hallett shore.  I hope it's a regular this year!

It was not a day with a lot of activity, so I'm thrilled that I came away with two new sightings (Blackburnian and black-throated blue) for me.  It was hot and humid, by the time I got home I was pretty wrung out!  I was  in the park about 4-1/2 hours.

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