Saturday, May 8, 2010

Crazy windy birding!

Jack and I went to the park today, even though it was pretty windy.  Make that very windy.  Walking up to the subway, the pigeons were careening all over, looking like they were barely in control.  And the pretel guy's umbrella flew off and up the street a block, where the rent-a-bike guy caught it and reined it in.

The park was just as crazy, there was so much crap being whipped around in the air!  It was just flying into our eyes, we did some sneezing in spite of allergy drugs, all of that.  At the upper lobe I caught a glimpse of a common yellow throat but it hid before I could show Jack.  We decided to head for the point to see the moorhen.  On the way, at the thick thrushes by the bench, was another common yellow throat that we both saw.  After we saw it briefly, a kid about 10 years old came by with his mother in tow and a bird book in hand.  He asked what we saw and went off to explore the reeds.

At the oven we didn't see much of anything, but the kid caught up with us and did see the common yellow throat, so I was happy about that.

At the point we took the little dirt/mulch path and did see the common moorhen, it was great!  We also saw a yellow-rump down there, and another unidentified little lovely.

Back on the main path, we ran into some birders who found a Wilson's warbler.  I saw it and had a decent look at it, but Jack didn't see it at all.

They left, we stayed for a few minutes and decided to just head out.  It was so windy, our eyes were really getting crap in them constantly.  We started through the ramble, and ran into the same group of birders, and went to check it out.  Scarlet tanagers!  There was this one tree that a pair of scarlet tanagers were flitting about in, and an oriole came over once in a while, and warblers moved through on a regular basis.  We stayed there for a while just watching it all. Well, I watched, Jack found a bench.  I ended up laying down on the rock and looking up, because craning was hurting my neck so much.  When I asked Jack if he wanted to lay down with me on the rocks, he said he was done and headed home, so off we went.

Crossing over the upper lobe bridge, we looked over and there was an egret.  Hahahaha, this poor guy was struggling in the wind as much as we were!

What a crazy windy day!

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