Thursday, February 28, 2013

Afternoon and Evening

Then we stopped for lunch.  Yes, the day is only half through!  This trip was ~packed~.  Guess what was in their garden?  Well there were birds......

buff-throated saltator 
 ........and more!  A group of howler monkeys was hanging around, relaxing and not particularly minding us taking pictures.
howler monkeys
 Oh, and more birds!
squirrel cuckoo
This one led us on  merry chase.
squirrel cuckoo 
And there was this mystery lizard.  It's shedding its skin!
mystery lizard
 A good-bye parrot and off we go.
red-fronted parrotlet

Then we got to our destination.  What a sight!  It was salt ponds, with about a zillion shorebirds.  There were so many plovers and terns and sandpipers my head started to spin a little.  There were oystercatchers and a few herons thrown in for good measure.  And even a couple of wood storks - take a look!
great blue heron, black-bellied whistling duck

roseate spoonbill
great egret, black-bellied whistling duck

white ibis

I particularly love this shot.  It looks like the great egret is the mom and the stilts are like little ducklings following along behind her.  :-)
great egret, black-necked stilt

wood stork
 As it got dark the nighthawks came out!  There were probably a couple dozen of them, so I started clicking away.  But between them being fast and the light being so low this is the best I could do.  Two nighthawks in the same frame, not bad!
common nighthawk

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