Monday, February 25, 2013

A beautiful morning at Paz

Good morning!  What a lovely group to hang out with.  I mean, you know, once I got my coffee.  It's not optional!  It was funny, we went out, looked around briefly, and said that we were heading in for coffee.  About half the folks looked surprised, and said "That's a great idea!" and followed us in.  Ah, birders, gotta love 'em.

These black guan were everywhere.  Really.  Several of them.  I gather that in other places they are difficult to see, but here they are common, hanging out at the feeders.  I almost typed "flitting about" but that would be inaccurate!

black guan

Onto some of the stars of the feeders, who actually do flit about.  Feast your eyes on these guys!
violet sabrewing 

purple-throated mountain gem

I loved seeing these, and I took a zillion pictures.  Finding the bird in the picture was at least as hard as finding it in real life, I probably tossed several shots that were better than this one.
golden-browed chlorophonia

ruddy-capped nightengale-thrush

Coati in a hurry.  The first time seeing one was great, but we soon learned that it was not exactly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
white-nosed coati

Yes, every time I look at this picture it surprises me.  The color really was that rich, that gorgeous.  This all really exists.  I can't tell the exact type just from the back, so we'll just have to be happy with the gorgeousness.
mystery hummingbird


During breakfast (or maybe lunch?) some of the swallows were diving just outside the window getting a drink of water.  It seems like a very inefficient way to drink, but I guess swallows have their reasons.  Sure was fun to watch.
blue-and-white swallow

chestnut-capped brush-finch

Another day, another fancy tanager (yawn).
spangle-cheeked tanager

Look how cute!  Hahahahaha, I think I am in love with this little guy.
tufted flycatcher

He flashed me!  It turns out that the color of the gorget is the only difference between two hummingbirds.  To my eye, this looks like a volcano.
volcano hummingbird
In some trees nearby were another new bird, some long-tailed silky flycatchers.  I kept wishing for a better (closer, with better light) sighting but that did not happen.  It was cool to see them!
long-tailed silky-flycatchers
 The hummingbird feeders were such a highlight.  Always something great to see, I would have been happy to just spend some time here.
green-crowned brilliant

violet sabrewing

green hermit

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