Monday, February 25, 2013

And a beautiful afternoon!

We got on the bus (minus Jack, who wanted to sleep) to head down the road to a park with hummingbird feeders and a path and a waterfall.  Those sound like the perfect ingredients to me!  But first, on the way, a quick view of this hawk.  It kept its wing like that the whole time we were watching it, it was a little odd.

broad-winged hawk 
 It is beautiful here.  Like, ridiculously beautiful.  Like you see in a movie and think you will never see in real life.

 The river at this point has water coming from the volcano, apparently loaded up with a Special Something.

Hummingbird feeders!  Yay! 
green thorn-tail

mystery hummingbird

green-crowned brilliant, female

green-crowned brilliant 
A token non-hummingbird.  There were others, they were cool, but the pictures were crappy and really, it's hard to look away from hummingbirds.  :-)
sooty robin

The waterfall was spectacular.  With my lens I couldn't get it in my camera, so this is taken with my phone.  Good job, phone!

Again, just to reiterate, ridiculously beautiful.

Coming back to the hotel we witnessed a Three Mammal Moment.  There are coati, and agouti, and a paca.  It's a Trifecta!  Sadly it's also quite dark, you all you can tell in this picture is that there are various blobs.

Goodnight swallows.  :-)
blue-and-white swallows

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