Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another morning, another amazing pre-breakfast walk

Yes, just another ho-hum, nothing-special morning.  With a few ho-hum, nothing-special birds.

I mean, unless you like honeycreepers.  And hummingbirds.  On the pretty flowers.  Together.

It's awesome when the guide says, Coquette!  Coquette!  Forget that - come look at this!"
black-crested coquette

black-crested coquette

This is the tree the oropendula make their nests in.  It was so cool to have it there, and see so many of them so much of the time!

Oh yeah, there were also tanagers a-plenty.
crimson-collared tanager

Did I mention hummingbirds?  Here's a plumeleteer.  You can tell because the feet are pink.  It would be even more awesome if it were named the pink-footed plumeleteer, but you can't have everything!
bronze-tailed plumeleteer

Another tanager.  Just, you know, hanging out at the hotel.
emerald tanager

Woodcreeper!  I love these guys!
wedge-billed woodcreeper

People were quite excited about this tyrannulet, but sadly I don't remember and can't tell exactly what kind it is.
mystery tyrannulet 
 I love woodpeckers.  That is all.
black-cheeked woodpecker
 What a cute happy sparrow!
black-striped sparrow

And now into breakfast, where we alternated eating with watching the action at the amazing feeders.  Check this guy out, he knew he had an audience.
Montezuma's opopendula
 Yes, Gorgeous, it was quite well done.
Montezuma's opopendula
 It's surprisingly difficult to see the bright green bird.  So much for females being dull and drab, this one blends in just fine being fabulous and gorgeous.
green honeycreeper, female
 Politely staying on the path.
white-nosed coati
 Still not tired of these guys.
blue-grey tanager
 This honeycreeper is just a fraction of the thrush's size, but doesn't get chased off very easily.
green honeycreeper, clay-colored thrush

And one final tanager.  At last, at last I have a nice picture of a golden-hooded tanager.  :-)
golden-hooded tanager

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