Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Quick Stroll to the Apple Store

We had some errands to run and decided to walk up through the park, so that I could practice with my camera and we could have a more pleasant walk to the store.  No binoculars and moving pretty quickly, we didn't expect to see much exciting.  So when I saw this handsome fellow close to the path I decided he deserved some pictures.


I wasn't his only admirer!


Sometimes it's good to be a handsome duck.

Also on the lake were a few ruddy ducks keeping the shovelers company.
Ruddy Duck

 I love female mallards.  Not too impressive from far away, but more and more beautiful the closer you get.  Look at how gorgeous she is!
This juvie red-tail was perched across the way.  It's such a treat to see them perched!
Red-tailed Hawk

At the upper lobe bridge the ducks were figuring out how to handle the soft ice.  Most of them walked on it a bit and then flew to wherever they wanted to go.  This one looks like it was a source of inspiration for Star Wars.

 This one chose to be an icebreaker!  She was working pretty hard to plow her way through the ice.

And the great blue heron was hanging out up there too!
Great Blue Heron

Stopping back by the hawk, it decided it was time to go.  For a quick walk through we saw quite a bit! :-)

Red-tailed hawk

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