Saturday, April 14, 2012

A gorgeous day in the north woods

What a gorgeous day!  Jack and I decided to head up to the north woods in Central Park, because we don't get there very often and it would be less crowded than the pond and the ramble.  Upon entering the park, we immediately began seeing hermit thrushes.  They were everywhere!  I was amazed at the numbers.

Hermit Thrush
We also saw a bunch of dark-eyed juncos, a bunch of white-throated sparrows, and a few flickers that were flying all over, quite low, but not staying still very long.  We got several good views of the yellow under the wings, which was lovely!  I also thought I saw 2 hairy woodpeckers - they were too big to be downies - but it's possible they were sapsuckers.  
Dark-eyed Junco
This chipping sparrow was quite handsome.  He was happy to pose for profile shots.  It made up for the many kinglets who completely refused.
Chipping Sparrow
Hello pine warbler!  Yes, you do look lovely.  Yes, you are gorgeous.  And, yes, you are hard to see in the leaves.  Well done!
Pine Warbler
We saw 4-5 yellow-rumped warblers, my first of the season.  I think they look like superheroes who rides racing motorcycles.
Yellow-rumped Warbler
There were several sapsuckers around, but they had to really beg for attention to distract us from the antics of the flickers.
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
House finches!
House Finch
This raccoon should be asleep, not fishing in the pool.  I hope it's not rabid.
A flicker finally settled on a branch long enough for a picture.  Thanks buddy!  :-)
Northern Flicker

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