Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Day of the Yellow Rump

There are yellow rumps everywhere!  It was hilarious - we didn't have to search high and low for one or two yellow rumps.  We just had to find a small flitty bird, stay put, and look around - there were sure to be a half-dozen or so nearby.

Okay, first I checked on the robin's nest near our meeting spot, and it was there and occupied.  The robin stayed put while I was there, so I didn't get to see any eggs, but I'm guessing that's why she's there...... we shall see!  Someone said they didn't see the nest, but when I turned to find her and show her where it is, the group was leaving.  Whoops!  :-)

Well, we started off with this hawk soaring above the lake.  Nice beginning!  Its legs were hanging down ridiculously, I guess it had a target in mind.  I took Claratin so I was not much use for conversation.  If you are reading this and tried to talk with me, I apologize!  It was nothing personal, it was the Claratin........
Red-tailed Hawk
Then it was our first yellow-rump.  First of many!  :-)  There were 5 or 6 flitting about in the upper lobe where we were looking.
Yellow-rumped Warbler

Fewer woodpeckers today than in the past couple of walks, but I got a nice look at this guy.
Red-bellied Woodpecker
There were several chipping sparrows which were surprisingly difficult to see.  This one finally hopped up and onto a branch.  Thanks buddy!
Chipping Sparrow

This palm warbler had a habit of perching on things that my camera would not focus on.  So frustrating!  Finally it hopped to the ground, but moved so quickly that I still couldn't get a great photo.  Oh well, he was gorgeous, believe me!

This black and white warbler came through quickly, looking quite handsome.

This grackle posed in the light for us, showing off its subtle colors and iridescence.

A surprise at the oven - a sandpiper!  They have been here before but generally not very often.  We were lucky to see this one.
Solitary Sandpiper

Solitary Sandpiper

As we headed back towards the museum, another surprise - this female wood duck in a tree!  She was so pretty and I felt bad that we seemed to disturb her a bit.
Wood Duck

More yellow rumps!
Yellow-rumped Warbler, normal view

Yellow-rumped Warbler, lucky person view

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