Monday, August 15, 2011

Whale Sharks!

Whale Shark Day!

What an amazing experience.  We got up early, had breakfast at the resort, and got on the shuttle to the pier.  Once there we got onto the boat, and rode for about an hour out to where the sharks were.  There were lots of boats out there, and we were thrilled to see the sharks feeding from the boat.  They swim just a few feet under the surface, their fins and/or tail frequently breaks the surface.

Once we got into the water, the first shark we saw was tilted upwards and was feeding in place, which looked odd to me, but I was happy to have a stationary shark for our first one.  Later the guide said it was agitated, so I wished we had just left it alone.  Oh well.

Next the guide took off to see how fast we could swim, getting over to a shark.

Then it was just shark after shark.

We swam as fast as we could to catch up to the sharks and stay with them, which was incredibly fun!

We were in the water with the sharks for about 2 hours, and it didn't feel like it was long enough.

Hanging out with my new BFF.

It's been a dream of ours for years to see a whale shark, and it was amazing to see so many of them and spend so much time with them.  :-)

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