Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mexico: Herons, Egrets, Ibis, Anhingas

We stayed in a resort that backed up to mangroves, so of course I went exploring even though I wasn't really supposed to.  It was pretty interesting back there!

The most exciting thing was the anhingas!  Hahahaha, my spellcheck wants to change that to "astonishing."

I wanted to see them in Costa Rica but didn't find any, so I was very happy to see them here.  I saw at least three individuals, it looked like one female .......

and two males.  It might have been different ones on different days, but on one day I could see all three from the same spot.

Also cool to see were the white ibis flying around, I saw groups of 3-4 of them flying by a few times each day.

Even cooler through branches!  :-)

This green heron teased me by flying by a few times.  I tried to see where it landed, but it completely defeated me until it started flying again.

This great blue heron had to go.  At first I thought I must have spooked it, but then.......

This tri-colored heron sat on the recently vacated branch.  So maybe this guy scared the great blue heron away.

It's weird though because this one is smaller, and this particular individual looks like a juvenile.

This snowy egret flew by a couple of times one day.  A great egret flew by also, but my camera lens was still foggy (what happens when you have A/C and it's hot and humid out) so the pictures are rubbish.

I loved the mangroves!

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