Monday, August 1, 2011

Central Park in the Hot, Hot Summer

Today I went back to Central Park, with my camera this time!  Hahahaa, much good may it do me.  Those birds know when a camera is around, and they laugh, laugh, laugh.  Hoping to find the waterthrush and yellow warbler I saw on Friday, I went right up to the ramble. I stopped briefly at the upper lobe, where at first I saw  nothing but tourists and dragonflies. But then a red-tailed hawk flew overhead, which is always a welcome treat!

It flew over to a building and landed on a window decoration, and showed off how red its tail is.  It stayed there for longer than I did, with its gorgeous red tail soaking up the sun.

To the streamlet!  Alas, no waterthrush.  I walked along that streamlet nice and slow, even the mourning doves would have to agree.  But no waterthrush, and no yellow warbler.  Around azalea pond, still nothing but robins and cardinals.  Actually one male cardinal was especially friendly, flying to the fence ahead of me and looking at me pointedly, as if to say, "Well?  Where are my peanuts?"

At the oven I saw this vivid Baltimore oriole cooling off in the water.

When he hopped out he was looking bedraggled but happy!

Also at the oven I saw this mystery bird hanging out with some house sparrows.  UPDATE:  Consensus from experienced birders is that this is a red eyed vireo.  Which I thought it might be at first, but the white patches confused me.  There's always more to learn!  :-)

I don't know who was harassing who, but these two did not get along very well.

Then out to the point, where this very-non-cute cardinal chick was crying until its mother fed it.

I guess it's a late hatcher?  Or maybe a second round chick?  It was cool to see it.  :-)

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