Friday, August 5, 2011

Hello Warblers! :-)

At the point this red-bellied woodpecker flirted with me for a while.  

This eastern kingbird was also at the point, looking for something tasty.

Saw something - gotta go!

Yay!  The yellow warbler!

This black and white warbler was happy to be back in the land where several birders have cameras.

It was posing beautifully.

It looked like some sort of swift was flying around above the lake for a little while.  I thought I saw a swallow also (smaller and much more flappy) but it completely evaded my camera.

At the oven the yellow warbler came by to visit!  I'm so out of practice with these fast little birds.

This raccoon was definitely more my speed.  Looks like a great idea to me!

There were two waterthrushes today by the little wooden bridge on the streamlet.  They were maddening to try to get pictures of!

Two American redstarts came through, and this is the only picture I got that shows the bird and is not a hopeless blur!  They were even faster than the yellow warbler......

A downy came by, distracting me from the redstarts and looking quite beautiful.

This tufted titmouse is hungry, and wants to be ~very~ ~clear~ with its parents that it definitely needs more food.

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