Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today Jack and I walked around the pond before his meeting.  It was great!  
 As we were walking along, he heard this red-winged blackbird and recognized the sound, and then found the bird!  

 There were a couple of song sparrows along the side of the pond.  

 This phoebe was in the reeds by the bridge.

 Then Jack went to his meeting, and I continued on up.  First stop, checking on the red headed woodpecker, looking redder than ever!  :-)

 By the stone benchlet, this brown creeper came over to say hello.  There were actually two of them, just cycling through the trees there over and over.  It was great! 

 This hermit thrush was there too, it caught my eye but refused pictures.  This was the clearest shot I could get.  

Walking down along the lake by the west park road, this ruby crowned kinglet was being cute.  

 And this yellow bellied sapsucker came by.

 But then she needed to go.

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