Sunday, April 24, 2011

Once around the pond before brunch

It was actually nice today, instead of super-dreary and rainy, like the weather predictions claimed.  So I left early and walked around the pond for almost an hour before brunch.  It was great!

 This was the first robin I've seen this season sitting in a nest.  So cute!

 This hawk gave me a great view as it flew over in circles.

  Turns out there were two of them!  It struck me more as pair bonding than as a dispute, but of course I don't really know.

 A woodpecker peeking out from a cavity in the tree.

 You can see a little of the underside of this turtle - check out how gorgeous and bright!

 The goose left her eggs under a pile of feathers in her "nest" while she gallivanted about.  

 And here's some sort of frog or toad. 

No herons or egrets, several kinds of sparrows, no warblers, no kinglets.  The hawk flyover really made the morning, that and the gorgeous weather!  Now, off to meet the girls for brunch.  :-)

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