Friday, April 22, 2011

Dismal day

Today the weather was not great (I really hope May is an improvement over this dreary April) but it was getting even worse, so I decided I had better get out anyway.  So off I went, to the pond!  I looked and looked for the black crowned night herons, but I couldn't find them.  Maybe they are just really good hiders, and they defeated me.

I did, however, find this cat.  Inside Hallett.  Looking........ well satisfied.  :-(  I saw this cat in the ramble a couple of times last year, and talked to a park employee.  They know the cat is around, they just have not been able to catch the cat.  Anyone know how to catch a cat?

From there I decided to just continue on, and headed up.  The red-headed woodpecker did not say hello.  He probably was comfy cozy indoors, with more sense than I had!  Near the oven a towhee flew in front of me, perched as gorgeous as can be, and flew off as I raised the camera.

At the stream near the wood bridge was this pretty winter wren, and later was a waterthrush of some sort.

At the upper lobe I looked again for the egret, and instead found this black crowned night heron!  So, the day was not completely without sightings.  I also saw a kinglet here and there, that was about it.  I'm so happy with my outerwear, I send thanks to Merrell every time I wear it.  Thanks Merrell!

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