Monday, April 11, 2011

My First Sunburn of the Spring!

What a day!  Warm and somewhat sunny, with lots of activity in the park.  Straight to the upper lobe, where this phoebe charmed me.
And this yellow bellied sap-sucker posed in the sunlight.
And these ducks were lusty.
I love it when he bites her neck.
Going their separate ways.

There are so many northern flickers and yellow bellied sap suckers around, it was a treat to see this red bellied woodpecker!
The yellow rumped warbler showing me his good side.
A flicker in the grass.  There are so many around, she won't be alone for long!

By turtle pond a hawk flew over.
I mean two hawks flew over!  :-)  Very possibly Pale Male and his new girlfriend, the pictures aren't good enough for me to tell.
The pine warbler, allowing me to see him at last!
Trying to make sure I got a good shot.  True to form, my first time seeing a bird, the pictures are none too great.  Maybe I'll see more of these guys and get some decent photos.
I think yellow rumped warblers look like cartoon superheroes.  :-)
Jack was able to join me in the afternoon, and his first bird was one of his favorites, this cute little chickadee!

At the oven we saw these turtles, I think the one on the left is a painted turtle.

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