Monday, April 18, 2011

The black crowned night herons are back at the pond! Yay!

So today my knees were not super happy, but were up for at least a walk around the pond.  I went after leaving the PT office, so I entered at 5th Ave, and stood on the rocks for a couple of minutes.  Another birder came over and we chatted, then he was off to whatever, and I was off to the waterfall.  On the way the kinglet we had been looking at across the way came over to a tree right above me, that was nice.

The waterfall was still turned off, I have no idea what's happening with that.  There wasn't much going on there, so I headed back over towards the bridge.

Along the way, a tree looked........ just different somehow.  So I checked it out, and a red-bellied woodpecker was pecking away at a cavity.  I hope it's making a nest!  It would be wonderful to have a red-bellied woodpecker nest so close by!  Also the pictures are terrible, so I would like another chance at that.  :-)

Onward.  And something else caught my eye, across the way.  It was a black crowned night heron!  Sitting in a tree, tucked in, just resting up.  By the time I moved around to this angle it was more alert, but it went back to sleep shortly.  While I was watching this guy I spotted a black and white warbler over there, but the pictures of that came out really bad too.  But they were shameless last year, so I'm sure I will get another chance.  :-)

I scanned around hoping there was a second one, and there it was!  It came out of a tangle.  It actually moved slowly and deliberately, but I love this picture, it looks like it's skidding to a halt.

Then it flew right over towards me, and walked just in front of me to hide in some bushes.  I wonder if they will stick around!  I loved having them here last year.

Eventually I continued on towards the bridge, and found this red-winged blackbird.  It's apparently one of Jack's favorites, so here's a picture!

It looks like a goose is nesting in the same spot as last year.  I have noticed that there are several (maybe 5 or 6) geese here this year.  Maybe it's the ones that hatched here last year?  Do geese do that?  I have no idea.

Then in the little grassy nook area past the bridge, there was a golden crowned kinglet flitting about briefly.  This ruby-crowned kinglet was much more cooperative, camera-wise.  It was a really nice walk, I'm glad I went.

But the day was not over yet!  Later out the window I saw this falcon, and ~finally~ managed to get a picture.  Not a good picture by any means, but at least this time the bird is in the frame.  :-)

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