Monday, August 2, 2010

Twice around the pond

Between the podiatrist (the toenail, or rather lack thereof, is doing well) and laundry I managed to get an hour or so in at the park.  Yay!  :-)  I just hung out at the pond, did a couple of laps basically.  And I'll just report the sad news first - I still have not seen the wood duck.  I'm starting to think I just can't pick him out of the mallard crowd, but I think he would stand out.  I mean, even the Gadwall stood out that time, I have to believe it would catch my eye somehow.  Maybe he's just shy to be seen in such a state, but doesn't he know I love him?  I want to see all of him, not just his winter finery.  Oh well, maybe in time.........

Starting around the pond I didn't see much of note.  The most exciting thing was a female cardinal.  I was really quite happy about that because I thought the song I was hearing sounded like a cardinal, so maybe a couple of the sounds are sinking in.  I'm still not studying them though.

First went over to the waterfall, then made my way back to the entry and towards the bridge.  I was hoping to see that redstart again, but she wasn't there.  I did see someone interesting though, I thought it might be a kingbird of some sort.  It was too fast for me - I hung out for a while hoping it would come back, then headed over to the bridge.

After crossing the bridge and sitting on the rocks, I started to make my way back, and spotted one of the black crowned night herons.  I am definitely not tired of these guys, they are so cool!

Then I saw the kingbird again, and settled in to wait for a good photo op.  I didn't get great pictures, but I think this is an eastern kingbird.  I saw him flying a bunch and definitely saw the white on the tip of the tail.

Then found heron number two, under the bushes by his favorite hunting spot.

Continuing around slowly back towards the entry, an oriole flew over and into the tree just ahead of me!  It was pretty high up in the tree but was fairly cooperative photo-wise.

As I was leaving, I saw some turtles by the entry.  One was definitely chasing the other one around, and even went so far as to get it front of the other one and put both hands on her nose and flip them quickly.  It was hilarious!  I have never seen this, but have not spent any time watching turtles, so I have no idea.  Of course in my mind, it was a male chasing around a particularly cute female whispering sweet nothing in her ear.  :-)

I was so happy to get back into the park for a while, to see some old friends, and get a decent look at that kingbird.  A good day!  :-)

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