Monday, August 30, 2010

Quiet and hot at the pond

Well, today I went back ..... to the dentist!  Yes, after a hiatus of maybe a couple of months, it was time to go back.  Not a big deal visit though, no shots or anything.

So, after that, of course I went over to the pond, even though it was the middle of the day (left the office at 12:30) and hot, hot, hot.  And sunny.

And then I realized - my camera had no battery!!!!!  Oh, it's hard switching to a system of only one battery, and there's no physical reminder to put the battery in.  I guess I'll have to start leaving the bay open while the battery charges.  Seems risky though.  I don't know if I can improve on my current level of non-ditzy-ness.  I've been at this level for quite some time, and frankly I am not sure any campaign to become less ditzy is going to be a success.  I'll come up with something........ at least until I can get an extra battery!

Normally the lack of a (working) camera would guaranty incredible sightings, but the heat overcame the superstition in this case.  I did see a cormorant sunning, that was lovely.  And a flycatcher of some sort, it looked like a kingbird but was smaller.  A redstart (yellow).  And something else little and interesting, but I couldn't get a good look.  The sprinkler was effectively guarding that tree's area.  :-)

Other than that, the usual suspects at the pond.  No wood duck, just mallards.  No night herons.  No odd visitors.

It was gorgeous though, and sitting in the shade and looking around it was kind of hard to come back home to the laundry.

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