Thursday, August 5, 2010

The pond after dark

Tonight Dima came to get the lamp - yay!!!  :-)  So happy it's on its way.  After we loaded it up, it was so nice, we decided to take a lap around the pond.  It was about 10.

Wow, it sounds so different at night!  All kinds of insects everywhere.  And several times rustling of larger animals in the bushes.  I think once it was a person, once a raccoon........ sometimes it's best not to look too closely.

We saw a black crowned night heron in one of its favorite spots across from us, it really stood out in the lighting. We didn't find the other one, although we did find a rock that we briefly thought might have been the other one.

There were lots of ducks floating out there, I guess sleeping, although I thought they would get together to sleep. They seemed pretty content.  There were several hanging out on the rocks, we didn't get too close, they looked like we would disturb them.

Then we saw a shooting star!  Yes, it was.  No, it was not an airplane.  No, it did not blink like airplane lights.  No, it was not a helicopter.  No, it was not a blimp.  It was definitely a shooting star!  Well, I mean, not an actual star shooting across the sky, actually a meteorite.  Or whatever the correct term is.  It was awesome, and bright, and we both saw it!

That was about it, there was one homeless guy sleeping on a bench, one couple wanting private time, a few folks walking around, but it was really mostly empty of people.

I should have brought bug spray.

It was wonderful!  :-)

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