Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday, around the path again

On Sunday I went around the path again, before coming back to shower before heading back home.  It was a walk that really illustrated that this is the suburbs, on the edge of an area with a lot of wildlife.

First I found a downy, and while I was taking a look to ID it and get a picture, off-leash dog number one with an owner unable to control it came right over to me.  I did eventually find the downy again and got a picture.

Then I was walking down the path again, and saw the fox!  It was standing on the path looking at me, and as soon as I saw it, it went into the woods.  I went up to its entry point and looked around just in case it was hanging around but it was gone, gone, gone.  Or it was a better hider than I was a seeker!  :-)

Walking down the path again,  off-leash dog number two, also with an owner unable to control it, came right over to me.  I don't really understand this.  Are there no dangers to the dog here?  Does the dog not take off and chase things?  Are there no fighting dogs?  I mean, if the dog doesn't listen to you when it's 20 feet away and going over to a strange person, you have no shot at stopping it from crossing a road to chase a squirrel.  Oh well, I guess it's not my issue.

Anyway, continuing on, got to the pond and saw Einstein turtle again.  :-)

Walking around the little walkways I was just hanging out walking slow and this sound followed by three splashes happened *right* behind me.  Startling!  I think it was this frog.  I had no idea frogs could make that sound, it was high-pitched and short, like a startled girl.  Later when I looked for it again, I couldn't find it at all.

Found a kingbird, but sadly, off-leash dog number three, again with an owner unable to control it, came right over to me.  I tried to have a good attitude, until the owner told me that I probably shouldn't let the dog touch me, because it had just been swimming in the lake and was all gross.  Um, okay.  I'm glad I know how to make that happen.  Anyway, the kingbird was gone, looking for insects farther away from camera-happy dog-magnet chicks.  :-)

I did see this chipmunk, sadly they are so fast this was my best picture.  Like, by a lot.  :-)

Also saw a mouse go by, too quickly for a picture.

Coming back, I saw a bird way up in the top branch of a lone tree, and as I was trying to get a look, it took off for the forest.  It looked like an oriole except yellow instead of orange.  Had a solid black head.

Then finishing up the walk, this song sparrow kindly posed for me.  He was lovely!  :-)

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