Monday, August 27, 2012

Stormy Weather

Today I saw that there would probably be showers on my way back from the gym, so I loaded up my rain jacket into my backpack along with my binocs and camera.  When I left the gym it was quite cloudy, but not rainy.  When I got to the upper lobe it started to sprinkle just a tad, but I didn't really care.  Look who I saw!

Black-crowned Night Heron
 I haven't seen an adult in a while, so I was quite happy.  The juvie was not so happy, they did not share the space with joy.

Juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron

They did share it with rain, however.  A few warblers were around but I didn't get pictures because it was time to put my camera away, and put my rain jacket on.  I kept walking into the ramble,thinking that a walk in the rain shower would be nice.  However the rain kept getting harder and harder, and it ended up being quite a thunderstorm!

It turns out that being under a tree with small leaves is fairly useless.  And being under a small tree is fairly useless. What you want is a big tree with big leaves.  Like at the upper lobe.  Where I left.  By the time I got back there everything outside my rain jacket was thoroughly soaked.  My shoes were so muddy I had looked for spontaneous streams on the path to rinse them.  My pants needed to be wrung out.  I had mud spattered in some places.

It's really funny seeing another person in the ramble during a storm.  You both look at each other like, What the #3!! are *you* doing here?!?!  Then you just sort of pretend that didn't happen and go back to being alone.

I need to start rechecking the forecast when I leave the gym......  :-)

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